Elemtex are proud to offer the Isotope Detector (ID) Micro breath CO2 analyser from Compact Science Systems to the market. This isotope ratio mass spectrometer offers the gold standard in C13 breath analysis and is available as Standard or Ultra High Sensitivity.


The Key features include:


  • High Precision for breath samples ranging from 0.1% to 10% CO2.
  • Low analysis time, under 2 minutes per sample.
  • Automatic System Linearisation.
  • LIMS compatible.
  • Extremely low helium consumption 15ml per minute in run mode.
  • Oil free internal diaphragm pump.
  • IP addressed instrument for fast remote troubleshooting.
  • Small footprint 470 x 700 x 300mm
  • 220 place autosampler with automatic bar code reader option.
  • Fully MS Office compatible software.
  • No compressed air required for operation.


The ID micro breath from Compact Science Systems is a great choice for trouble free breath testing for H Pylori detection. This robust analyser at an amazing price offers the best value option for new and established labs alike.


For full details or a demo please get in touch