RE1200, Copper Wires Reduced 6 x 0.65mm, Coarse Wires, Standard Purity

Elemtex UKSKU: RE1200.100

Weight: 100g


Copper Wires Reduced 6 x 0.65mm, Coarse Wires, Standard Purity

Equivalent Parts Numbers:

Costech (NC Technologies) 011012, 011014 Reduced copper wires, 0.65 x 6mm
Crossings N/A EA copper reduction coarse
Elemental Microanalysis B1016 Copper wires reduced, coarse, 6 x 0.65mm
Eurovector E10121 Copper wire coarse, 0.65x6mm
Eurovector C10-004 Copper coarse wires, 0.65x6mm
Gerhardt N/A Reactive copper, coarse
Hekatech N/A Copper reduced reagent, 6x0.65mm
Horiba N/A Reduced copper, wires 0.65x6mm
Leco N/A Copper wires reduced, coarse
OEALabs R33050.100, R33050.250, R33050.500 Copper reduction reagent, coarse wires
Sercon SC0159 Copper wires 6x0.65mm, coarse
Thermo 33835300 Reduction copper wires coarse, 0.65 x 6mm

We are a global supplier of copper wires in many different forms. We can beat any price and offer discounts on larger orders. Get in touch with our sales department for more details.


Interesting facts:

Using a low quality copper reduction wires can significantly reduce number of analysis and will require to replace reduction tubes much often.. Our quality of copper reduced is guaranteed. Sign up to Elemtex newsletter to receive instant special offers notifications directly to your inbox.

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