Crucibles, Inserts and Lances

Support Tube 60mm, 23.00-1119
TL2012, Support Rod 175mm, 23.00-1148TL2012, Support Rod 175mm, 23.00-1148
TL2011, Support Rod Quartz 110mm, 15.40-1002
TL2010, Support Rod Quartz 65mm, 11.00-1364/4TL2010, Support Rod Quartz 65mm, 11.00-1364/4
TL4210, Swarf Crucible Economy 220mm, pack of 5, 61118
TL4200, Swarf Crucible Economy 195mm, pack of 5
TL4100, Ceramic Ash Crucible, no slits, open ends, 61150
TL4000, Tube Liner quartz slitted open ends, 65030
TL2008, Ash Finger Stainless Steel 1200 1087/4 12.00-1087/4 SC0755 C3031
TL2300, Graphite Ash Crucible, PYRO Cube, 23.00-1189
TL1603, TC/EA Stainless Steel Funnel, 1196250
TL1602, TC/EA Graphite Insert Tube, H2O, 1132080
TL1601, TC/EA Graphite Funnel 1121351
TL1600, TC/EA Graphite Funnel 1121350

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