Plumbing Supplies

Bulkhead union fitting, stainless steel, 347.034.00
PS1012, Olive 2mm PTFE, 29034545
PS1000, Tubing Nuts Stainless Steel, 2mm
PS3500, 1/8"Ball Valve, for use with laboratory gases
PS3001, Sniffo, Liquid Leak Detector
PS1051, Air tube fitting, 5x3mm, 6MB, 350.041.37
PS1014, Sealing ferrule, 1/16" Polyimide, Valcon,  ZF1V-5
Sealing ferrule, 1/16" 15001139
PS1006, Adaptor, 6MB to M5 female
PS1005, Quick Connector, Male Plug, 2mm tube, 6MB thread
PS1004, Quick Connector, Female, M5 male thread
PS4000, GL14 Connectors, Stainless Steel, pack of 2
PS1011, Tubing Olive 1/16", Aluminium, 290 34044PS1011, Tubing Olive 1/16", Aluminium, 290 34044
PS1010, Olive 2mm Aluminium 290 34045PS1010, Olive 2mm Aluminium 290 34045

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